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Request pricing tailored to your business needs

Depending on your current ticket volume, as well as the goals of your business, our specialists will prepare an individual cooperation plan and a pricing plan. Let's talk and customize your pricing plan together.



For small business:

  • Difficult to predict volume of tickets

  • Starts from one fully loaded agent

What you get

Shared resource with other projects:

  • Quality assurance, Team lead

  • Support team of 5 agents

  • 24/7 coverage



For established business:

  • High confidence in tickets volume

  • Starts from five agents

What you get

Team focused on your project:

  • Quality assurance, Team lead

  • From 5+ agents

  • 24/7 coverage

Launching process



  • Creation of knowledge base

  • Access provision

  • Formation of the team


  • Invoicing based on the results of the first month


  • Launch of the team

  • The team able to cover defined workload in the offer


  • Customer flows described & scope of work agreed

  • Offer is signed

  • First-month payment received

Why EverHelp

  • Shared Team – suited for small business with the workload of 1 to 5 people

  • Dedicated Team – suited for established businesses, from 5 full time agents

  • Omnichannel – mails, chats, social networks, phones

  • 24/7 – customer support

  • Any language available within reasonable timeframes

  • Live Chat Support

  • Telephone Answering Service

  • Call Center Outsourcing

  • Social Media Customer Service

  • Technical Support

  • Help Desk Outsourcing

  • Back Office Support

  • It’s a cost-effective way to scale quickly – and not just in scaling headcount but also in process improvement and technological infrastructure.

    By outsourcing, you avoid capital investment in space, equipment, and HR, and most importantly, you remain focused on what you know best, growing your business.

    Due to a niche specialization of vendors, outsourcing gives your company the possibility to get a higher level of expertise than you would normally be able to get in-house, and without the hassle of sharp learning curves that can be costly when the work falls outside of a company’s institutional knowledge.

  • Unlike traditional outsourcing and outstaffing relationships, EverHelp seamlessly integrates into your processes to achieve the best results.

    We’re experts in our field who constantly learn and teach. We have a corporate culture of accountability, transparency,  putting people first, and exceeding expectations. With that said, we don’t forget that it is all supposed to be fun.

    We teach through co-creation, build top-notch support teams, and provide documentation that will serve as a map when you’re ready to continue the journey on your own.

    We look forward to supporting you.

  • In short - no.

    You can pick a preferable engagement model choosing between managing things directly or with the help of proxy reps on the EverHelp side. EverHelp offers clear and modern communication and project management strategies and tools that guarantee transparency and ease of control.

    Even in traditional forms, outsourcing enables more control over current business functions and allows you to concentrate on critical functions. When a successful outcome is guaranteed by the contract, the control should be need-based.

  • Cost-effectiveness - No overhead and expenses relevant to hiring, training, motivating, and other HR expenses. Plus, salaries/rates of professionals are significantly lower than those in North America and Europe. This wage differential translates into cost savings.

    The large pool of talent - Ukraine has the biggest cost-effective talent pool with that you can tap into for reliable service delivery avoiding cultural gaps. You will be able to easily scale in the desired direction

    24/7 operation for US customers - Offshore support facilities located in Ukraine are in the perfect time zone to help you operate 24/7.

    Matching timezone for EU customers - real-time responses to your inquiries, it is just like you work with your own people operating from home.

    Best Practices - Focused heavily on quality and continuous process improvement, offshore support centers operate at high levels of efficiency, predictability, and reliability. High process maturity greatly reduces risks and provides a significant advantage.

  • For the US - Outsourcing to Ukraine is a stellar offshore choice by itself and for those clients that wish to supplement onshore or nearshore capabilities. As an Eastern European country that is heavily entrenched into American life, workers in Ukraine can convey a strong cultural fit between your users and themselves.  

    (for EU it is a stellar nearshore choice, cause we are also entrenched into European life)

    Ukraine is very cost-effective. All EverHelp professionals are fluent in English, have relevant experience, and have developed soft skills.

  • We are not like any other outsourcing company – we are not just a vendor, we are a collaborative partner offering transformational growth. We will not only complement your in-house professionals and partners but will enable them with new skills and knowledge. I will be glad to share our tracking records and recommendations from our partners.

  • We work with companies large and small. We’re interested in developing partnership-minded relationships where we can provide value.

  • We are committed to the security and confidentiality of the information that you share with us. With the aim of giving you a safe offshore/nearshore outsourcing experience with maximum benefits, we have set up a reliable information security system.

    To ensure the confidentiality of information, we encourage our customers to sign in a Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement  (NDA) at the very initial stage of the project discussion. The NDA has legal binding and is an important document that ensures the total security of your information in our hands. We also do not publish about our client projects unless we get prior permission.

  • Set-up times vary based on the scope of the project, typically between 2 and 4 weeks.

  • Once the goal and scope of your project are clarified and agreed upon, we will send you a contract copy. If no further adjustments are needed, all you need to do is complete a given format and send us back a signed copy as an email attachment.

  • The preferred method of payment is by wire transfer or PayPal. Should you prefer any other type of payment we will be glad to discuss it.

  • EverHelp takes a holistic approach to performance management and quality assurance. We tie our performance goals to a client’s top strategic business objectives and initiatives.

    At the initial stage of cooperation (pre-sale) each client is assigned to an Account Manager, who is the key point of contact and whose main responsibility is to clarify the client’s expectation, guarantee the client’s satisfaction, smooth project run and successful outcome.

    SLA, which is a part of a proposal, is developed by an Account Manager to address the unique needs of a client’s project and mitigate risks. It highlights information flows, escalation patterns, and general communication principles on the project. The plan is created based on the client’s preferences and in agreement with the EverHelp company policies guaranteeing that customer interests will be put first and requests will be addressed in a timely manner.  The plan can be adjusted based on the client’s request.

  • Firstly, it is worth mentioning that EverHelp Company policies are aimed at minimizing the risk of conflicts or failure which may arise in the client’s project. As was mentioned earlier, we pay crucial attention to Communication in order to keep to a  minimum any kind of risks. Bad customer service may start with the lack of alignment around the customer’s goals and lack of understanding of how the client would like to be communicated to. At the very beginning of the project, EverHelp Company Account Executive figures out the client’s expectations and creates a project Communication plan which would regulate the way how any kind of information would be delivered to the client.

  • EverHelp believes that one of the most important keys to returning high Customer Satisfaction is putting people first – that is one of our cover values, so this is what we endeavor to accomplish each and every day!

    We are not satisfied with merely satisfying customers; We want to delight them. Among the ways that we accomplish this is by undertaking a consultative approach to partnering with clients, being laser-focused on hitting agreed-upon metrics, and having regular communication. Doing so enables us to solve challenges before they become problems.

    We are committed to delivering best-in-class service to each of our customers so that we can continue our tradition of high  Customer Satisfaction scores into the future.

  • This is covered through clear termination clauses in our contract. However, we try to prevent such a situation from ever arising, by providing you with clear problem escalation routes. You can raise any issue with the QC Lead and the COO for redressal and an appropriate solution will be provided.

  • EverHelp is a flexible outsourcing company that can scale up. We can do this both by increasing the headcount working on the project and by introducing innovative technology on the project and operations automation.

    Whatever your customer experience and back-office support scale-up requirement might be, EverHelp has a solution to delight your users and exceed your expectations.

    A new employee can be up and operational within a few days period, enabling a level of scale that was unprecedented only a few years ago. Doing so helps us to ensure operational uptime (even in times of natural disaster) so that your customers can always trust your brand to be there when they need you the most.

    When you partner with us, EverHelp will assign a Quality Control Manager to your account, who will work with your business on a day-to-day basis to solve scaling challenges, shifting requirements, and provide it with the white glove experience and care that it deserves.

  • EverHelp has a disaster recovery plan. We are happy to share it with prospective clients that sign a non-disclosure agreement.

    First and foremost is that we are a 100% cloud-based organization. At no point is any client data stored on EverHelp computers, networks, or storage devices. All project documentation, communication, and management happen in or via cloud-based services and tools. At the highest level, if one site goes down for whatever reason, we simply move the team to a different location. We are capable of being fully up and running within minutes.

    At the very highest level, should any disasters occur, EverHelp has established a business continuity plan that effectively utilizes our technological expertise and multiple offices in Ukraine in order to best ensure uptime so that our valued customers are not adversely impacted. Furthermore, with the implementation of this plan, we have never experienced downtime due to disasters.


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