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How much does outsourcing a mobile app customer service team cost?

Let’s discuss what a tailored solution looks like for you

Benefits of outsourcing a multichannel customer service team

Learn more about the advantages of outsourcing an omnichannel customer service that works for you by EverHelp.

Cost-efficient customer support

Save up to 50% of the expenses and concentrate on your core business by delegating your customer support to EverHelp. Just pick only the options you need and pay for them as you go.

Scalable customer service team built by product managers

Scale and descale your customer support team, depending on seasonal changes. Take advantage of our product managers to increase expertise in the specified field and train your agents.

Real-time engagement 24/7 support

Our real time support team provides omnichannel communication for customer service 24 hours per day, with continuous agents training and customized scripts for every business we collaborate with.

Our 24/7 support covers all main channels

Our approachable customer support team works with customers across every possible interaction, including voice, text, chat, calls, social media or email support outsourcing. We collaborate with your company to create a tailored approach and make customers feel comfortable and safe with their data.

Email Outsourcing

EverHelp delivers high chat speed and fast responce 24/7, covering all main customer issues.

Live Chat Support

Control performance of high level team metrics down to a single customer representative.

Social Media Support

Control performance of high level team metrics down to a single customer representative.

Call Center

Our inbound and outbound calling service covers all your customers needs from password resets to complex technical troubleshooting.



For small business:

  • Difficult to predict volume of tickets

  • Starts from one fully loaded agent

What you get

Shared resource with other projects:

  • Quality assurance, Team lead

  • Support team of 5 agents

  • 24/7 coverage



For established business:

  • High confidence in tickets volume

  • Starts from five agents

What you get

Team focused on your project:

  • Quality assurance, team lead

  • From 5+ agents

  • 24/7 coverage

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