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How much does outsourcing a mobile app customer service team cost?

Let’s discuss what a tailored solution looks like for you

Mobile app customer support solution is more than outsourcing

Improve your in app support processes to become the guru of user retention. Retain better by creating excellent customer experience.

Billing support

Divert all the customers queries related to payments, refunds and chargebacks, support any billing requirements needed to fulfill the business model or commitment.

Subscription policy review

Overview and ensure that your apps/platforms clearly disclosure the subscriptions policies are compliant with the applicable rules and all its terms, conditions, limitations and exceptions



For small business:

  • Difficult to predict volume of tickets

  • Starts from one fully loaded agent

What you get

Shared resource with other projects:

  • Quality assurance, Team lead

  • Support team of 5 agents

  • 24/7 coverage



For established business:

  • High confidence in tickets volume

  • Starts from five agents

What you get

Team focused on your project:

  • Quality assurance, team lead

  • From 5+ agents

  • 24/7 coverage

24/7 coverage and fast response to all In-app issues

  • Creating tailored In-app FAQ

  • 24/7 fast responce through all channels: Emails, Calls, Chats

  • Defining and Solving Recurring Issues

  • Addressing All Reviews and Feedbacks

A lack of interaction with customers through the app will likely result in poor customer service on mobile devices. To put it another way, an ineffective mobile application customer support will squander the money invested in advertising and app development.

Customers are more likely to return to a company after receiving excellent service. In case the fact that mobile applications continue to dominate the revolution, you should be strongly sure that your app can offer the best customer assistance.

Compliant support

Provide compliant policies, ensure that the business adheres to the external rules, contribute you with a comprehensive resource to suit your requirements.

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