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RiseSpace exceeded call answering rate by 95%

Situation to be resolved

Design and launch the sales team in order to increase the number of the new clients and improve the retention rate as well. The company needed:

  • dedicated support team;

  • pre - sale team.


We provided:

  • created both dedicated support and sales team with 5 specialists in 2 weeks;

  • converted sales scripts developed with the company’s needs in focus;

  • desined answer templates for the most commonly asked questions to minimize average response time.

  • increased the number of new clients by 30%;

  • decreased cancellation and refund rate by 20% within the first 3 months;

  • 80% retention rate of customers with complaints;

  • success rate: 16%, 6% higher than the established target;

  • call answering rate exceeded 95%.

With support and sales team launched RiseSapce increased revenue and overall business growth

Words Booster
Words Booster increased project's revenue by 10%
Keiki agents' performance improved by 25%

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"With the help of our Shared Team option, we could offer a cost-efficient and scalable support solution that fully covered the product's needs."

Mykhaylo Grynets

PlantIn Chief Executive Officer

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