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Keiki got designed and launched telegram support bot as a one source of truth

Situation to be resolved

The product wanted to be more intentional about customer service metrics and:

  • get regular analytics;

  • manage all support process;

  • optimise essential support metrics;

  • monthly/ weekly/ daily reporting on the most popular requests;

  • agents' performance statistics.

  • due to the regular alerting system descresed first response and full resolution time by 70%;

  • chat answering rate exceeded 98%;

  • agents' performance improved by 25%.


We provided:

  • designed and launched telegram support bot as a one source of truth;

  • get visibility across channels and inboxes;

  • set alerts system;

  • provided an hourly distribution plot of created requests and the amount of replies made.

The bot is implemented for 3 levels:

  • statistics for analysts;

  • statistics for team leads;

  • statistics for shift leads.

We offered managing of all support process that fully covered the product's needs

Risespace chat answering rate exceeded 98%
Avrora improved product review score from 3.5 to 4.8

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"With the help of our Shared Team option, we could offer a cost-efficient and scalable support solution that fully covered the product's needs."

Mykhaylo Grynets

PlantIn Chief Executive Officer

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