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Booster got a scalable and efficient service

Situation to be resolved

Being an international online learning platform, they deal with different challenges like lateness, class missing, cancellations, rescheduling and other issues that require prompt response. Thus due to the specific of the product had higer and lower seasons, so they needed:

  • round-the-clock outsource customer support team;

  • immidiate response in order to resolve the students' requests on the spot without any delay;

  • scalable solutions according to the workload;

  • high level English speaking support.


We provided:

  • dedicated qualified 24/7 English-language support;

  • a highly scalable customer support solution launched;

  • powerful knowledge base with all the workflows and cases designed;

  • qla templates and scripts prepared;

  • fast onboarding and training system implemented.

  • a scalable and efficient service delivered;

  • decreased first response time from 4 hours into 15 minutes;

  • the rapid influx of tickets during the high season period had to be dealt with efficiently;

  • increased project's revenue by 10%.

The rapid influx of tickets during the high season period was dealt with efficiently

Avrora improved product review score from 3.5 to 4.8
Plantln reduced cancellation rate by 10%

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