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Promova is the app that helps millions of learners enrich their vocabulary anywhere, anytime
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Everhelp client
2 years


inlarge the positive reputation feedbacks and reviews by 46%

5 min

decreased first response time from 4h into 5 min


increased customer satisfaction by 17%

🤔 Situation to be resolved

Having more than 30k requests per month, Promova was looking for the dedicated team of professional customer support representatives that possess all the skills and expertise required to ensure impeccable client assistance via all channels (chats, calls, emails, social media). The company needed:

  • cost-effective customer support outsourcing solution to connect with clients via phone, chat, emails;
  • social media customer service to provide assistance with users’ queries in instagram, facebook, twitter, tik- tok;
  • knowledgeable staff;
  • consistent across the channels.

💡 Solution

We provided:

  • implement customer service softwares;
  • dedicated team with best-fit agents for Promova;
  • all the flows and templates designed;
  • set up a dedicated handle for social media customer support;
  • ongoing and outgoing support via all the required channels and experience of customer service best practices.

🎯 Results

response to clients within 5 min, regardless their chosen communication channel;
effective handling of even complex inquiries that clients had with a platform, payments, or other business aspects with minimum supervision;
increased customer satisfaction by 17%;
inlarge the positive reputation feedbacks and reviews by 46%
decreased cancellation rate by 23%

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